About Me

Hay there, Indrajit Sahu this side.

First, thank you for being here and connecting with me. This blog’s motive is to give as much information to all of you. All are free, no need to pay anywhere.

Alright, I am Indrajit Sahu owner of this blog. I am an Affiliate marketer, Blogger, Digital marketer.

If you are curious to know about me, then I am an engineer and a student as well. With a self earning purpose I started my internet career and how did it convert to a marketer’s career, it amazed me.

I work as a part-time blogger. I started my blogging career in June 2019. But here the interesting thing, my actual journey started in April 2020.

Why? because back then, in June 2019, I was just a beginner and don’t know the proper way of blogging. Even don’t know how to serve people who are actual readers and find the solution for their problems.

Along with the time, I knew a lot of secrets hidden behind blogging with market research. I got to know about SEO. I got to know about Digital marketing.

The craze of learn something definitely gives you the precious knowledge. And the same thing happened to me. Every single day I learned something. And I knew that one day that something will give me everything. I kept my learning.

On 22 April 2020, I published my first blog in Blogger.com named as ‘fasttoosmart.blogspot.com’. The interesting thing is still the blog is live in Google search. But of course now I don’t work on that blog since August 2020.

That time I was just wondering how to shift to WordPress and start an actual blog. Then I started my WordPress career on 11 November 2020.

And from then my journey begins. I joined lots of premium courses, online webinars & I did lots of things so I will maintain my knowledge. I got the treasure of marketing and I will share that treasure thru this blog. As a beginner blogger, I can’t help others, so I wanted to be an expert. And here I am.

Alright, I introduced myself.

Hope this short story will make you a little inspiring, so that if you are thinking to take action and want to be a real action taker, then nothing will stop you.

Thanks for giving your precious time to this blog.

For any kind of help or have a query, then ping me a mail to indrajit@beingblogging.com.

Or visit to the contact me page.

Thanks, have a nice day.


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