I bought a domain now what to do next? I don’t have any idea! How to start a blog with this domain, which hosting provider I should choose, how do I use my domain name and many more question…

If these kind of questions are coming to your mind, you are in the right place to get all your answers in a detailed and step-by-step guide.

First of all, congrats for purchasing your domain because this is your first step into the online business.

In this post, you will get almost every possible thing that you need to have to start your online journey and grow your website like others do.

So let’s dive in to the knowledge base.

I Bought a Domain Now What – Important Things To Do For Your Dream Website

Now here you are going to make your dream website. So buckle up, because you are going to get something special for your website.

I am going to step down all the processes that are actually needed for you and your blog to grow.

1. Buy Hosting From a Verified Web Host Providers

First thing first. You need to host your site on the internet so that other audience can visit your site anytime from any places in the world. This should be the immediate process.

When I say verified, I am pointing out those providers which are actually giving you the best performance in real-time.

If we drill down all the hosting providers, then one hosting that I prefer and most of the bloggers are using is BLUEHOST hosting.

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It is a reliable cum best hosting on the internet in 2021 also, which is totally verified by WordPress which make this hosting more trust-worthy at every point.

Important Note: It is a request to you, don’t ever go with free or cheap hosting which definitely going to make your site totally slow and you will get in trouble in any case. For example hacking, theft or data loss etc. Lot’s of people are doing this and later they are realizing the consequences of taking bad hosting. You are smart, so don’t do it.

Now the thing is, why should you choose BLUEHOST hosting instead of there are other hundreds of hosting in the market?

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Because the core part of Bluehost is the performance and features that aren’t provided by other web hosting companies. These features in Bluehost can help you in an incredible way you grow up your website.

That being said, Bluehost give you the best hosting plans with an affordable price range that is similar to the price of a PIZZA🍕, which I think anybody can afford.

The most interesting part that I want to tell you here is that I have made a detailed Bluehost review cum guide that helps you understand Bluehost better. I have mentioned all the features and performance report that going to give you a strong idea.

Now, if you want to go with Bluehost, then here are the quick plans that Bluehost gives you:

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All the plans have their own features and you need to choose as per your ideology. This means what is your website for, if you want to create a decent website including great features then you should go with the CHOICE PLUS plan. (Recommended)

Bluehost Review Summary 
Bluehost PerformanceA++
Average Response Time1.01 ms
Free SSLYes
Free DomainYes
Free CDNYes
Bluehost Support SystemPhone, Live chat, Email, Knowledge Base
Average Load Time1.27 ms
1-click WordPress InstallationYes

2. Connect Your Domain To Your Hosting

Now this is an important part which I’ll elaborate you in a simple method that how you can map domain to WordPress free of cost.

You have your domain and hosting, now you need to connect them so that you can show your website to the internet. Basically, you are now setting up your own server.

STEP 1: After you successfully signed up with Bluehost, they will send you immediately the name-servers which looks like ns1.exampledomain.com, ns1.exampledomain.com, etc.

STEP 2: Now you will have to find the domain name server section on where you purchase your domain. In my case, I use the “Namecheap” provider. So here as you can see in the domain registrar section, there is an option called to manage your domain. Click on that.

namecheap domain registrar
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STEP 3: Here in the name-server section select custom “Custom DNS”, because you have to add your hosting provider DNS there. Add all the DNS that you got from your hosting email, that’s it!

Now you are good to go. Your website will live in 23-48 hours interval. But it’s usually updated instantly. So don’t worry about it.

Note: If you took your both domain and hosting from the Bluehost then you don’t need to do this processes because they’ve already the option called “nameservers” and you’ve to just add, that’s it. But if you purchased the domain from providers like GoDaddy, HostGator, Google domains and BigRock then all these processes that I told you about, is totally the same. You just need to find these options and then you are good to go.

3. Installing WordPress For Your Website

The interesting thing is Bluehost give you a one-click WordPress installation on your website. Isn’t it a great thing for an absolute beginner? I am also giving you an idea about how you can install WordPress on any other web hosting manually.

For Bluehost, you need to assign your domain to your cPanel first. For that, as you can see below, there’s an option in it. Click on it and assign it.

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After this process you are ready for installing WordPress in your hosting.

Here’s step-by-step process of how you can install WordPress on your website.

  • STEP 1: Find the “Website” section on your Bluehost cPanel and there an option called “Install WordPress”, click on that.
  • STEP 2: After this, a new interface will be loaded up where you have to put all your details.
  • STEP 3: WordPress will ask you where you want to install it. In that phase, choose the domain name that you connected with a while ago.
  • STEP 4: Lastly, put your site details like your site name, title, admin username, email, password, etc. Give it a while to process and you are done with installing WordPress.
  • STEP 5: Now you will get a WordPress login area link to log in using your username and password that you have just given in the details phase after it successfully logs in to your dashboard.

Congrats! You have successfully installed WordPress on your site. Now we are heading to the next important thing that you should do.

4. Installing a Premium WordPress Theme

After all these things people still have some confusions in their mind that how to build a website after buying a domain name and hosting?

I want to tell them, you already build a website, you just need to configure it and make it attractive by adding themes.

Now there is another most important factor in WordPress because themes can give your site a beautiful look that attracts your audience.

Themes can give you a boost and can destroy your site’s structure in a second, so it is pretty much good to have an optimized theme installed instead.

Some themes are quite heavy, means the coding and layout made that theme extra heavy sized which can affect your site load and increase it up to 20 to 30 second of load. Which is Google’s eye is not preferable.

So choosing a good theme that can give you optimal performance like loading, layout, attractive looking, etc. will definitely boost your site as well as rankings in Google.

You don’t need to spend tons of dollar in themes as Generate press theme can help you in the choosing.

Generate press theme is a very sensitive theme that most likely gives you the best performance in loading and many more things mentioned below.

FeaturesFree VersionPaid Version
Site Usage– Unlimited –– Unlimited –
Layout Control– Unlimited –– Unlimited –
Mobile Friendly[available][available]
SEO Friendly[available][available]
Site LibraryN/A[available]
Menu PlusN/A[available]
Editable CopyrightN/A[available]

Here I listed down all the features that Generate Press gives you in the free version and in the paid version. So you can go with whatever you want.

I personally recommended you to go with paid one, which is better for you to configure the data and can access the 70+ top listed themes for your website that Generate Press give you, from which you can pick one for your website.

The most interesting thing is you can also customize some of their theme with Elementor and Brave website/page builder, which is quite impressive with your workflow.

Alright moving the next thing that most of the blogger are ignored and which you should use to get the most out of Blogging in the real-time and future.

5. Create Your Professional Email Address

The customers will react to what they saw!

You might be perfect, you might have many skills but in the case of professionalism, you need to be different from the crowd.

If we are talking about your email address, it must be looks professional. As I said, whether you have skill or not you will be judged by others if you have not any professional things like professional email.

If you go with your regular email that ends with “@gmail.com”, it will not affect your audience as they think you are a regular person with regular email.

But if you go with your mail address like “name@yourdomain.com”, you will get so much attention from the user as they are going to think, you are a professional person.

It will give you so much of benefits on very common situation either.000-

Benefits of using a customs email address:

Uniqueness: By creating a custom email address you can make your business or your activities unique in front of your audience. It will create a sense in their mind and you get the attention from them.

You can also use it in a startup or any social media activity, as a result, you will get more audience. The key thing that I prefer about professional emails is, they will create clarity in your words and give your client or audience a positive impact.

Brand Name: Custom email will create a positive impact on your brand as well. You can mention your custom email in your social media, website and other platforms that you are active on and as a result, the client, customers, audience and whatever kind of traffic you got on your site or your social media, if they want to contact to you, they can directly contact to you with you give an email address.

And if so then it will create a unique bonding in their mind, because it is a phycological fact that if you are doing something unique that different from the crowd then you will be noticed by others.

People who have got your email or saw your email, then most probably they will go to your website also because it is your own email and your website attracted by this. (E.g. indrajit@beingblogging.com)

And the most interesting thing is you can create as many emails as you want with your website name attached which give it a unique brand touch.

Professional: Every business has its own professionalism in its work or services. And custom emails will give a sense to your audience that it is important to email, don’t miss it.

Custom emails also give you a designation of expert, you can promote product, services or yourself as an expert.

If you are doing all your work with your professional emails, it will give you a professional touch.

How To Create Professional Emails

I got your point, but tell me how to create it? Alright, nothing to worry about it.

These steps will help you to create your custom emails at a glance.

STEP 1: In Bluehost cPanel, you need to find a tool called “Email Manager”, click on that and you will be in a new interface.

STEP 2: Here, you have to give your email name whatever you want. Like “support@yourdomain.com”, “contact@yourdomain.com”, etc. or whatever you want.

STEP 3: Give it a password for security and the most important thing is choosing a webmail client and mailbox storage. I prefer to use “Round Cube” because it’ll give you an easy interface and fast.

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STEP 4: Now you have to go to the forwarding part, where you have to forward you all email that you will receive in your custom email to your main and default email.

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Just add your current custom mail address that you have just created and add the main email address that you want to transfer all your email to. And you are done. You have successfully created your custom mail address.

Why email forwarding this is necessary for you?

No one wants to manage their emails in different email accounts or no one wants to visit different email accounts again and again. So this email forwarding solution will help you to forward all your emails to your main email account so that everything is manageable in one place.

Note: If you want to do it in other web hosting’s cPanel then the process is exactly the same but the interface will be different, so you have to find these options first and the further process will be the same.

5. Important Plugins To Install In Your Site

Plugins are highly necessary to your site because these will help you in many things like organizing things, serving content to people, manage your website SEO, increasing your website speed and many more you can do through it.

These are essential plugins that you can use in your site,

  • Rank Math SEO (Manage your website SEO)
  • WP Rocket (Increase your website speed)
  • Social Snap (Gives access to your website audience to share your content)
  • Elementor (For designing your website pages)
  • Site Kit by Google (Manage everything like google analytics, search console and more at one place)

Some plugins are free and some are paid, here wp-rocket is paid and all others are free of cost and you can use them in your site for totally free.

These are essential plugins that you must have to perform well at SEO, and these will help your site to boost ranking, performance and user experience.

6. Verify & Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

It is a bit technical part but these steps will explain you in easy process, where you can do it all in seconds.

How to Submit Sitemap To Your Site

Here as you can see, rank math has by default the option to create a sitemap for your site. If you installed it on your site, then it will create a sitemap automatically and give you can link to your sitemap.

You can take this link and paste it on your Google search console.

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Go to Google search console>>Sitemap, paste and submit your sitemap link at that point. The search console will take some time to verify the link.

How to Create Robots.txt To Your Site

Now you have to create a “robots.txt” file which is most important to your website. And the interesting thing is Rank math already has this option to add your “robots.txt” file.

Go to Rank math plugin>>General>>robots.txt, and paste this code that I have mentioned below and save it. This is robots.txt code that I use.

You can check this out whether it is updated or not in your website link which is looks like: “yourdomian.com/robots.txt“.

User-agent: * Disallow: /cgi-bin/Disallow: /blog/page/*Disallow: /amp/page/*Disallow: /dgd_scrollbox/Disallow: /?s=*Disallow: /go/Disallow: /recommended/Disallow: /comments/feed/Disallow: /trackback/Disallow: /index.phpDisallow: /xmlrpc.phpDisallow: ?comments=*Disallow: /search?Disallow: /?p=*Disallow: *?replytocomDisallow: */trackback Disallow: */feed Disallow: */comments Disallow: /tag/Disallow: /author/Disallow: /category/User-agent: SemrushBotDisallow: /User-agent: SemrushBot-SADisallow: /user-agent: AhrefsBotdisallow: /User-agent: NinjaBotAllow: /User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*Allow: /User-agent: Googlebot-ImageAllow: /wp-content/uploads/User-agent: Adsbot-GoogleAllow: /User-agent: Googlebot-MobileAllow: /User-agent: MJ12botDisallow: /User-agent: HTTrackDisallow: /User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Ezooms/1.0; ezooms.bot@gmail.com)Disallow: /

7. Create Your Social Accounts For Your Website

This is also the most important thing that requires doing when you are running a website because you need to grab your audience not from the website only but from social media as well.

You can create profile same name as your website, it will help you in many things like,

  • You can acquire a different kind of audience from all over the web
  • You can redirect your social media audience to your website so that you can increase your engagement
  • It will help you to quickly and easily promote your website without any extra charges
  • whatever content you write, simply share with your social media audience and you’ll get more engagement with your new content

But once you have successfully increased your social media followers and subscribers, then you can promote your website as a brand.

One thing you need to keep in mind, if you want to acquire customers from your social media then you need to post regular content that actually helps people so that they will trust you.

These social media are widely used for promotion and you can also use them to acquire your audience:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

If you want to grow on social media, then you need to interact with your audience. And you can also interact with other bloggers as well.

8. Start Creating Content to Drive More Traffic

And the most crucial part is here which is creating content for your website. Whenever you have finished all things on your site, start creating content on your site so that you can grab the most audience from Google.

Create SEO optimized content which covers on-page SEO and off-page SEO. It will give you a great result later. Your content will rank high in google and you will get more traffic to your site.

Make a schedule before writing contents, and stick to it. So that you can manage all your content sequentially.

You need to research better ideas and create content around that. For researching, you can add your competitor websites and find good keywords where you can rank your blog.

Be assured to put content regularly so that after several months you will see the result. For the first few months, you don’t see any traffic but you need to be consistent with your efforts.

9. Set Goals for Your Website

It is important to create goals for your website because if you haven’t any plan for your website and you start building your content and website then you end up with nothing.

So start creating goals, you can create goals like how much content you should have to write in this week or month, which articles are needed to update in this week and you should have to update in time.

This kind of content goals and website goals can make your work so much easier and you are going through a sequence and you are not going to get any trouble in most of the cases.

10. Start Connecting With More Like-Minded People

Most of the time most of the bloggers are lacking connecting with more people in their field. This is wrong.

You have to connect with as many people as you can because blogging is a business where you need to be fully transparent with others and make a relationship with other bloggers so that you can also gain more authority.

Collaborate with other bloggers, start commenting on their blog, tagging them on social media and post a good comment.

This will help you in the long-term process. Other bloggers are also doing the same in their initial stage of blogging and they had a great experience.

FAQs About I bought A Domain Now What?

What can I do with my own domain?

You can use your domain for a custom email address, create a website that’s attached to your domain, get an online store that’s attached to your domain and many more things that you can do if you dig out more and more.

Does it matter where you buy your domain name from?

It doesn’t matter where you bought your domain because once you buy a domain, it totally yours no matter which domain provider you used to purchase. Sometimes some domain providers are giving good service and bonuses that other providers don’t so be assured to research before you buy domain names.

Should I buy my name domain?

Yes, you can. It gives you a great advantage which is, if someone searches your name in the google search then they’ll find your site and another benefit is, you can promote yourself as a brand.

When you buy a domain do you own it forever?

Definitely not. You can own it in accordance with whatever plan you chose from the domain provider. Whatever time you chose for your domain, it will be valid for that point only. After the validation time, you need to renew it for extra days. Here’s a thing you need to have in your mind, you need to renew before the time limit because people are waiting for the domain expiration and if they found your domain then they can acquire it, so renew it before the time limit.

How long should I buy a domain name for?

It depends on your choice or your business, if you are starting your serious business then you should book your domain name for at least 2 years but if you are just a beginner and just entered a blogging field, then I recommend you go with a 1-year plan. In this time interval, you will learn more things about blogging and if you are eager to learn more and set up your business, then you should register your domain name for more years.

Should I buy domain from Google?

Definitely, you can! Google domain is one of the most popular domains register site that offers you the best of the best and most popular domain names which you can register for your site. But it cost you a little high, but the service is very good.

If I buy a domain do I get email?

Of course, you will get an email that your purchase is successfully done and you’ll get a link as well which will redirect you to domain configuration area where you can add your hosting nameservers and connect you domain to your hosting.

Now It’s Your Turn

Creating your own website is very simple but you need to give you most of the time to it if you want to grow it. SEO and website optimization will help you in most cases like in contents and performance.

Whenever someone wants to create a blog, want to run a website and wants to enter into blogging, then they most probably buy a domain then having this doubt I bought a domain now what to do further because they have almost no idea about blogging.

But hope this detailed content will help you out in the further process of running a blog and growing it. Now it’s your turn to get up and make it happen!

Keep Blogging and keep hustling!