Niche is like fuel.

If you put random fuel in random vehicles, then it’ll not run.

The same thing goes here, you go to something else niche which is not exactly related to your interest. So how can it help you in the long term?

Now you got to know more about blogging and starting a blog but don’t know which niche is profitable for you, then no need to worry.

Let me clarify this to you, if you are not choosing a niche related to your interests then it’ll do you huge harm. You may have to struggle every single day in the long term. Having an interest related niche will pay you beyond your thoughts in the future.

So the question is, how do you find a profitable niche?

Here is the solution, I have created a list of niches and all are in the most profitable niches category. So, you need not worry about it. So I’ll show you the profitable niches with low competition.

Let’s dive in.

most profitable blog niches
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If you want to work in a high paying niche then these niches are the best option for you. Choose one niche From these top 10 profitable niches that are relatable to your interests, then start your blog.

Now in the market, there are tons of people who can’t make money only because of their niche selection. Here are some benefits of selecting a niche.

Benefits of Selecting a Niche:

  • The blog niche gives you specific ideas about a huge topic
  • It can grow you faster than others
  • It’s easy to become an expert in one specific niche
  • Easy to monetize
  • It’s easy to get any kind of idea about one niche

This will also help you with better ranking and branding. Because these are profitable niches with low competition, which is the goldmine for you.

So let’s start!

1. Technology and Gadgets Niche

A technical blog would be a great option for you. Because nowadays people love to buy technical things like new PC setup, mobile launching craze, etc.

Top 10 profitable niches
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As you can see Ahrefs shows, it has a large community and if you are working on it then I am pretty sure you get ranked at the top.

Don’t keep an eye on keyword difficulty, it is a broad niche and there are lots of other niches whose keyword difficulty is below 30 also. Keep your research, you’ll find lot of hidden things.

There are many benefits of technical blogs like, you can do

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand promotion
  • Product reviews

From a technical perspective, the most recent things are always trending topics and I can say. Because you think about it, like if a brand releases a new product and if these blogs will never update people, then how that product is going to be a trend.

Here’s the interesting thing.

The technical blog is the most important thing in affiliate marketing. If you run a technical blog and you have wonderful audience potential and are also not doing affiliate marketing, then my friend you are in the loss area.

Another thing is brand promotion. Look, when you have a great audience and most of them are active, then brands will definitely approach you to promote their product.

Like, they just wanted to stick a banner in your post widget area and advertiser it. By this method, you will make huge revenue.

After all, if you put your all effort and make a technical empire, then no one will stop you from making tons of money by sitting at your home.

2. Make Money Online Niche

Well, this is a crazy niche according to my experience. Why?

Because, if you operate it in the right direction, then after some time it will give you thousands of dollars. This is a niche which is loved by 75% of bloggers.

online money making niche
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This is one of the most profitable online niches in the world. As you can see in the Google trends. it has some minor fluctuations but the craze of money making blogs are keep growing.

Now the question is, how can you do this as well?

It’s very simple. Create a blog about money-making ideas and do affiliate marketing. Let me explain!

Affiliate marketing is everywhere. Just to promote trending products. In a money-making blog, you suggest people do an action or you influence them to do what you tell them. So the simple thing goes here, put the affiliate link on the call to action.

So whenever you suggest them something which is really helpful to them, then they would love to go through your affiliate link and you can make your dollar when they purchase.

Just imagine something, you have thousands of audience and if 5-10 people are bought through your link, then you’ll make a good amount of money from that.

In short, the money-making log is all about affiliate marketing. There are lots of affiliate networks in the market and you can join them. This will not come at any cost to you, you should just have eligibility to promote those products.

You can join an affiliate network like:

  • (Commission Junction)

These are some common affiliate networks that can give you some high ticket affiliate programs, which brings you some insane amount of sales.

Make Money online sub niches:

  • Affiliate marketing for beginners
  • How to make money online for beginners
  • How to make money online as a student

This can help you to find the ideas around the Make Money Online niche.

3. Personal Branding & Development Niche

I am being straightforward with you. Personal branding and development might be a great option for your niche because of the engagement of people.

Whether you agree, people love to increase their personal branding and communication skills and all that. Let me explain!

Personal Branding & Development Niche
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As per Google trends, the growth of personal branding and development from 8th of March 2020 to about August 2020 is insane. It’s increasing like a rocket.

Nowadays people are getting closer to online and everybody wants to increase their revenue and business. And it is not possible without personal branding, the right communication skills, and a good public figure.

So people want some hacks, tricks and tips to grow these things to at least grow their business. Right?

So what you can do is, you can choose this as a niche and motivate people for how they can develop their personal branding and communication skills.

Subtopics of Make Money Online Niche:

  • Public speaking
  • Skills improvement
  • Business Brand Building

These topics can also help you find the ideas around Personal Branding & Development niche .

4. Digital Marketing Niche

With approximate $340 billion of market value, Digital marketing is an outstanding niche in blogging. With a competitive audience potential, this niche will give you full control to express yourself.

Digital marketing niche is a very competitive niche nowadays. Back in 2018, there was no competition at all. This niche covers a vast area of the market. Like in 2019, It’s, market value is $290-300 billion, it’s increased by 12.8% and the value in 2020 is $330-340 billion.

Digital Marketing Niche
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It’s a sky-touching niche, and as you can see in google trends in a year it will reach the bottom to the top.

I can say that it is an on-demand marketing niche which might be one of the great niche ideas for you.

Businesses are going online and without digital marketing they can’t do anything. Because the root of online business is digital marketing. People want to know about this and implement it in their business.

Creating a digital marketing blog will not only help people to grow but also give you a fat income through it.

You can educate people to enhance their business, and through that, you can improve your business as well. By educating and giving the precious knowledge you can attract people towards your blog, it will increase your ranking, earning a lot of things.

It’s a huge niche and if you’ll work in the micro niche topics then I am pretty sure that you can get some instant website traffic. Because it has the potential to get rid of traffic tension.

Subtopics of Digital Marketing Niche:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Sales Funnel

These broad topics can give you a vision of the Digital Marketing niche.

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5. Fashion Blogging Niche

Fashion niche is a fluctuating niche. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. But it didn’t get obsolete. So if you want to make a blog with this niche, then it’ll be a good option for you.

You can make yourself as simple or fancy, all is up to you. However, people love to fascinate fashion. They love to invest money to express themselves to something different from others. So fashion never goes down.

Fashion not only covers clothes lookup but also it contains new trends in the market, different dress codes in different places, beauty tips, etc.

Briefly, in the product, it will contain perfume, cosmetics, makeup accessories, etc. So the interesting thing is people are going to obsolete the fashion trends in the future as well.

Subtopics of Fashion Blogging Niche:

  • Fashion Trends
  • Low Cost Style
  • Dress For Your Body Type
  • How to Take An Outfit From Day to Night

These broad topics can give you a short idea about the Fashion Blogging niche. Then you can expand it.

6. Travel Niche

Traveling niche is a very fascinating niche, I can say. Because people love to read travel blogs of a particular blog who have already been there or are willing to go there.

Because people love to travel but unfortunately some of them are not so lucky to travel, so they love to read these types of articles.

If you are curious about travel and have been exploring different places then this niche is a full fit for you.

However, you just have to share your experience in the blog so that people will read it later. The interesting thing is if you want to take your blog to the next level then you have to share your experience and share the hidden beauty of that place as well.

So that people will love to read. For that you have to have the proper experience of writing a proper traveling blog, have to fine-tune yourself and have the proper experience of storytelling.

Everybody can’t handle this niche, you need to passionate about traveling and make some informative content that will help other people while traveling.

There are many topics you can cover like:

  • How you can take advantage of deals and discounts
  • How you can travel more with fewer money tips
  • Traveling tips & hacks

These are some topics you can cover while working on a travel blog niche.

7. Gaming Niche

The gaming industry is going to be valued at $256 billion by 2025. It has most probably the largest community in the globe. Now its size and growth are exploding.

If you have a craze about gaming and you have excellent writing skills, then this niche is super profitable for you. The statistics show the hidden quality of the gaming industry.

Many companies who make AAA games, which are probably the best games ever in the world, you can make a lot of articles about them. People love to read and in gaming line and you are going to be the king.

To become a successful gaming blogger, you need to pay attention to some things like:

  • You should have knowledge about all the gaming equipment (PS4, XBOX, etc.)
  • Have the knowledge about Trenton games.
  • Curious about the market performance of the newly released games

After that you have to identify the monetization methods that how you can make money through gaming niche.

8. News Niche

The news blog is especially is covering the trending news which people want to read. Well, this is a niche which is never ever going down.

People wanted fresh topics in news blogs, so it is a never-ending process. Means you no need to worry about it because there is no lack of content.

As per Google, news blogs are ranked faster than normal blogs because news is a priority. You can submit your news blog to Google news so that your blog will rank there.

If you post the right topic at the right time, then it will increase your traffic rate and give you instant website traffic, which is a good sign to your blog.

There are many topics you can cover in news niches like:

  • Finance
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Health and Fitness
  • Sport
  • Share Market
  • International news

All is up to you how you perform on these topics.

9. Health Niche

The health niche is a very case sensitive niche. Because first, you have to have the proper knowledge about health. Then you serve people what is right and wrong.

Because your one wrong information will take a heavy risk towards the reader.

But no need to panic if you have the proper knowledge about it then you can run the health niche in your blog. People really wanted to get a cure from any kind of disease. So they have always been searching on the internet to get the right information.

This is a very broad niche, you don’t need to find topics around everywhere. Write a definitive article around the current situation, expectation vs reality, etc.

Cover topics like:

  • What kind of food is good for your health?
  • What kind of food are fine during dieting?
  • What kind of hygiene products should you take?
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition

You can cover a large topic in t People nowadays are more conscious about their health. So, this is the right time to decide what to do.

10. Finance & Investment Niche

The finance and investment niche is most probably an evergreen topic for all. This field is constantly growing.

This is one niche which doesn’t need to be in-depth research, but you can dive into it. This niche covers all the topics like cryptocurrency, blockchain, and like bitcoin, etc.

If you want to do hard research, then you can do it freely, but you can cover topics like:

  • How to save money
  • How to grow your financial situation
  • Loans and savings
  • Future savings
  • Business investment
  • Stock Market
  • Share Market

You can cover these topics to make evergreen your blog. Creating content like reviewing the Stock exchange. Financial reports, etc., will keep your readers updated.

How To Find Your Niche?

People’s search queries are like ‘What niche should I choose?’. This is not an appropriate solution to your problem. Don’t just search, question yourself. Let me explain!

Well, Niche finding might be tough for beginners because they recently entered the blogging field and they don’t know what to do, how to do it and when to do the things. So, it’ll be a bit difficult for them.

But wait, let me tell you one thing that can blow you away. Let your interest do everything. Yes, you get the right thing, your interest in your niche.

Pick the niche which strongly related to your interest. If you do photography, then a photography niche would be a great option for you. If you do the online market, then digital marketing niche would be a great option for you.

All is up to you. You choose what is your niche. Question yourself which work I’ll do even for 12 hours constantly with no kind of break. Which work makes you felt exciting when you do that?

That is one of the most profitable niches for blogging. No need to worry about it. Find the monetization option for that niche that you selected to keep going on.

Here you can get an easy guide to make a mindset about your niche.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the most profitable niches?

Nowadays all niches are profitable but some of them will really give you a fat income. And that is the Digital marketing niche, Technology and gadgets niche and make money online niche, etc.

How do you find your niche?

Let your Interest do everything. Yes, you get the right thing, your interest in your niche. Question yourself which work I’ll do even for 12 hours constantly with no kind of break. Which work makes me feels exciting when I do that. And that is your niche.

What are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing?

There are many affiliate blog niches, but some of them are the golden birds. And that is Health and Wellness, Wealth and Money, Romance Niches, Gaming Niches, Hobby Niches.

Bottom Line:

Growing a business or blog will definitely pay you later if you make your niche-specific, sharp and evergreen. Every business relies on online business nowadays, so don’t miss a chance.

This list of niches will give you extra vision about the next steps you will take. How to find a profitable niche is an excuse. Question yourself, make a blog and run it.